Ulara Relaxation Boutique/New York

The Ulara Relaxation Boutique provides an oasis environment where you can relax and find peace of mind. Both western and oriental massage techniques are offered at this location, which is adorned with natural materials that are both minimal and serene. Each massage is done in a private space called a tokono-ma. Come to this oasis of relaxation and experience the difference at Ulara.


Massages ($21 and up)
For additional pricing and treatments, visit http://www.ulara.com.

Address & Phone

Ulara T.A. Corporation
132 E. 56th St. (btw. Park Ave. & Lexington Ave.)
New York, N.Y. 10022
Phone: (212) 829-1188
Fax: (212) 829-1189
Email: UlaraNYC@aol.com


Monday-Saturday 11am-7pm
Outside hours may be arranged.