City Dining Links

H & H Bagels: H&H Bagels New York'sfavorite bagels can now be delivered to your doorstep! Overnightshipping is included in the price. All H&H Bagels and Bialys are Kosher.

Cuisinenet.com: http://cuisinenet.com/restaurant/new_york/Cuisinenet.com allows you to search for restaurants by name, type of cuisine, price or neighborhood. You can also recommend a restaurant and see the site's "Top Picks".

Zagat's New York: http://www.zagat.com/Zagat.com delivers the dish on more than 20,000 restaurants, bistros, cafes, coffee-houses, diners, hotels, and takeout joints worldwide. Click here to search for reviews of New York establishments.

The New York City Department of Health: New York City Department of Health conducts inspections of all food service establishments in the city. This site allows you to search by restaurant name or location to find out about the most recent significant violations issued.

The Village Voice Eats!: http://www.villagevoice.com/eats/Search the Village Voice's new database of restaurant reviews.

Wendy Ballard Dines Out: www.594.com/wbdo/wbdo.htmlWendy Ballard Dines Out is a unique, "quality for value" dining out guide for the New York City / Metropolitan area.

Chowhound.com: http://www.chowhound.comDiary style ramblings and formal reviews of dining in New York and around the country by restaurant reviewer Jim Leff. Includes summaries of the weekly reviews from the New York Times, the Daily News, Newsday, the Village Voice, and the New York Observer.

Little Italy NYC: http://littleitalynyc.com/restaurants.aspListings and reviews in Little Italy.

Greenwich Village Guide: http://www.nyu.edu/infocenter/village/food.htmlNYU's guide to the university area.

The Ins and Outs of Patio Dining: http://eastvillage.about.com/citiestowns/midlanticus/eastvillage/library/weekly/aa050297.htmTips for outdoor dining in the East Village.

Dr. Puff: http://www.drpuff.com/index2.htmlThe smoker's guide to dining out in NYC.

Kerrymenu.com: http://www.kerrymenu.com/nycall.htmAn exhaustive list of New York eateries in alphabetical order with contact information and menus.